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MD II Pineapple

This variety of pineapple is recognized internationally for its great aroma and

exquisite flavor, contains twice as much vitamin C than other species of pineapple,

contains B vitamins, is rich in sugars and fiber, 100 grams of pineapple provides 50


The water content is high. One of its main features are the golden color of

its outer crust, tropical and exotic flavor and its low acidity, also its external form is more symmetrical and uniform.

The extra sweet variety (MD2) is the main line, but also available

in small quantities are smooth cayenne. Supply of pineapple is all year round. Production site is

located at the joint borders of the Greater Accra, Eastern and Central Regions of Ghana near a town

called Bawjiase.

Smooth Cayenne

SMOOTH CAYENNE has cylindrical shape, high fruit productivity, fruit is large and yellow, fresh colour,

few slips, very good canning, leaves are spineless and have high fruit quality.

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MD II Pineapple




Smooth Cayenne

Smooth Cayenne

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Varieties in production are Keith, Kent and Palmer. Supply is

from May to July. It is possible to have production in April in the Northern region of Ghana and

December to February of the following year in the Southern part of Ghana and Bomarts has plans to

prolong its supply by taking advantage of this natural potential. Production site is located in the

middle of the Volta Region of Ghana, at a village called Tafi Abuipe near Kpando.



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