Why choose Us


Our Certifications

Our actions are guided by sustainable development and continual improvement strategy that is aligned with national and international standards, for which we have been awarded various certifications and labels. Such as the International Featured Standards, Food and Drugs Authority, Global G.A.P, Fair trade, Ghana Standards Authority etc


Our Quality product

Discover Bomarts’ exquisite selection of tropical dried fruits, fresh fruits, and potatoes, meticulously cultivated, and processed in Ghana, West Africa. Our commitment to quality and sustainability shines through our range of products. Leveraging our expertise as farmers first, we ensure that each fruit embodies its natural flavors and nutritional essence. Experience the taste of excellence with Bomarts, your trusted source for premium tropical fruit products.

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Price Reliability

At Bomarts, reliability is at the core of our commitment to providing a consistent and sustained supply of quality tropical fruits. Our approach is characterized by:

Integrated Farming With our extensive farms and a skilled management team, we ensure a reliable source of raw materials. This integrated approach allows us to oversee every aspect of production, ensuring both quality and efficiency.

Modern Production Techniques Bomarts employs state-of-the-art production techniques, coupled with cutting-edge processing and packaging facilities. This ensures not only efficiency in our operations but also the timely delivery of superior products.

Trusted globally

Bomarts has earned a global reputation for supplying top-notch tropical fruits, highly regarded by industry giants in Europe and the Middle East. Although we temporarily suspended these partnerships during the establishment of our dry processing factory, we're thrilled to announce our plans to resume supply later this year.

On time Delivery

Count on us for punctual delivery. With a reliable and sustained supply of raw materials, coupled with our modern packhouse and processing facilities, we ensure on-time delivery. Our highly motivated professional team is dedicated to meeting your expectations. Bomarts – where reliability meets excellence.


Our vertically integrated model, with our own farms, allows us to achieve efficient production and high productivity. This minimizes post-harvest losses, providing us with a competitive edge in pricing. Bomarts is committed to offering quality at a reasonable price.